How to Get Pregnant Fast

When you decide that it’s time to start a family, you hardly stand to wait. While ultimately you are at the mercy of nature when you are trying to conceive, there are some things you can do and things you can avoid that might help you know how to get pregnant fast and effectively. Listed below are seven methods approved by experts for helping people get pregnant.


How to Get Pregnant Fast

If you want to get some effective options on how to get pregnant fast, the following can be good selections for you to take as a reference.

1. Get a Preconception Checkup

Before you start trying to conceive it may be helpful to start taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins which can help protect you against birth defects. Talk to your doctor to ensure you do not have any underlying health problems that could affect your ability to get pregnant and stock up on the vitamins you might need for a healthy pregnancy.

2. Know When You Ovulate

Knowing when you ovulate, or an egg is released from your ovary, will help you determine when you are able to get pregnant. You can use several methods to predict ovulation so you can determine when to have sex rather than continuing to try without being sure if an egg is available to be fertilized. If you have irregular periods you may need to work with a doctor as this will make predicting ovulation difficult.

3. Have Sex at the Right Time

When you know your ovulation schedule you can plan to have sex when you will be the most fertile, three days before through the day of your ovulation. Have a range of days for having sex as sperm can live in your body for up to 5 days so this will increase your chances of getting pregnant. If you are unsure of your fertile days, have sex every other day to ensure that there will be a good supply of healthy sperm available when it is time. Also ensure that your partner has ejaculated before at least once before you start trying for sex to ensure there is not a buildup of dead sperm.

The following video explains clearly how to calculate your ovulation days, when you are most fertile and when you should have sex to boost your chances of getting pregnant:

4. Have Sex in the Correct Way

  • Don’t worry about the best positions

There are several tips about which sex positions are most likely to get you pregnant, but these are just myths. The only truth is that having sex in an upright position may limit the sperm’s ability to swim upstream, though this is quite minimal.

  • Lie down after sex

Lie down for 10-15 minutes after sex and avoid going to the bathroom during this time. This will help the sperm get into the cervix. In spite of common myths, you do not need to keep your feet in the air during this rest period.

  • Don’t overdo it

Have sex every other night to give your body a healthy supply of sperm. Having sex too often will only deplete a man’s sperm count, and if the woman is not ovulating having sex more often will not increase your chances of getting pregnant.

5. Quit Unhealthy Habits

  • Exercising to maintain an ideal weight is healthy, but you can take this too far. If you are over-exercising it could cause you to not ovulate. In order to increase your chances of pregnancy, perform moderate exercise like brisk walking for 2.5 hours each week.
  • You also need to cut back on dangerous substances like caffeine. Consuming more than two cups of coffee a day can lower your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Quit smoking as well. Not only does this decrease fertility and lower your ovulation levels, but there are numerous health risks associated with smoking while pregnant.

6. Keep a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy and exercising can help you get pregnant. Foods with zinc, fruits and vegetables can all increase your chances. Eating green vegetables like broccoli and spinach will also increase your supply of folic acid which can help make a healthy baby. Getting plenty of calcium is also essential for a healthy pregnancy. Try to eat a balanced diet with foods from all the food groups, including lean protein, dairy and vitamins for best results. The following video explains what you should eat during pregnancy, but you should also follow those dietary rules when trying to get pregnant:

7. Get Off Birth Control Pills

It can take a few months for birth control to leave your system, so get off the pill before you start seriously trying to conceive. This will help you learn to track your cycle and pinpoint your ovulation time to make it easier to conceive later. If you are getting off birth control but not ready to conceive yet, use a barrier method such as a condom to prevent pregnancy until it is the right time.

8. Change Your Lifestyle to Increase Sperm Count

Strong, healthy sperm are much more likely to fertilize an egg. You can ensure your sperm are healthy by getting enough vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, folic acid and zinc in your diet. Avoid items like alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs that reduce sperm counts and cause sperm to function poorly. Items like hot baths, saunas or hot tubs that raise your body temperature can also kill off sperm.

9. Know When to Get Help

Around 6 out of 10 couples trying to conceive naturally are able to do so after 3 months. If it has been longer you should seek help from a specialist, especially if you are older. Those between 35-40 that have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more should seek fertility help immediately. You should also get assistance right away if you suspect either partner has a fertility problem.

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