Best Gifts for Newborns

Spoiling a newborn with gifts is something that is not just done by the baby’s parents, but their friends and relatives as well. We all love to buy baby gifts and the good news is that there are a lot of gifts that we can buy. Most of the common gifts we choose to buy for newborns include: baby clothes, books, and beddings. Some people prefer to buy silver keepsake items, such as a picture frame, spoon, or even a rattle. If you are unsure about what to buy for a newborn, we have created a list of some of the best gifts for babies. Read on.

Ten Best Gifts for Newborns

1. Clothes

Clothes are useful and one of the best gifts you can buy for a newborn. Newborn’s clothes are quite cute, but it is advisable that you buy clothes style= that are slightly bigger because babies grow quite fast within their first months. They can quickly outgrow their clothes. Some of the basics you might want to bear in mind when buying baby clothes are socks, sleepers, and bodysuits.

2. Diapers

Diapers will lighten the load that comes with caring for a baby for the parents. Babies normally use several diapers  style= daily,making it easy for them to run out of these essential items. You can present a well-wrapped pack of diapers as a gift on its own or create a gift basket with lots of diapers, diaper cream, and wipes. It helps to confirm what sort of diapers the parents use; they could be using disposable or cloth diapers.

3. Toys

Toys are not only fun to give but educational as well. You can buy toys for a baby of any age, but make sure that they are age appropriate. For infants, teething rings and rattles are more appropriate than interactive toys, which are suitable for older babies. You can also buy toys style= that help develop the baby’s senses, such as the mobiles that are hung over cribs. These toys help develop the infant’s eyesight, and in older babies they can help them develop spatial skills as babies try to reach and bat the toy.

4. Books

Books may not seem like best gifts for newborns, who after all cannot understand conversations or read. However, research shows that you can help a baby’s development by reading for them. Newborns learn to identify their parents by hearing their voices, and reading to them can help the young one develop a bond. As the baby grows older, you can use books style= to help them develop their motor and visual skills. You can buy soft books made from cloths and boards, which are more enjoyable for infants.

5. Bath Supplies

You can buy a gift that will be useful to the parents and the baby, such as bathing accessories style=. These could be in the form of baby shampoos, soaps, sponges, washcloths, and towels. Make sure that you buy products specifically made for babies, as their skin is still very sensitive. Also,a hooded towel could help keep the baby warm after bathing. This gift will be a sure winner.

6. Travel Kits

A travel kit can help parents travel with ease and in style with their baby in tow. You can buy a travel kit style= with necessities such as car toys, a sun shade, and baby-sized sunglasses along with a car seat. A lot of new parents may have already bought an infant car seat, so you can look for models that will be used as the baby develops. Parents will definitely appreciate this as it will help them keep the baby busy while they are on the road. The sunglasses and shade are also useful gifts as they offer sun protection.

7. Bouncy Seats

This is one of the best gifts for newborns. Bouncy seats keep both the parents and the baby happy. The baby is able to joggle and wiggle at will without getting into much trouble. The parents will be able to perform light duties around the home without worrying about the baby getting bored. Bouncy seats style= are versatile and portable as well. They are made from stretch fabrics and feature plastic or metal frames with safety straps. Some models come with batteries which help power the rhythmic movements that soothe the baby. You can also buy bouncy seats that feature toys, calming sounds, and some music.

8. Pillows

A baby support pillow is an essential gift that can be used by the baby and the mom as well. Most of these pillow style= feature the crescent shape, which works to help support the baby’s back while he is learning to sit up. The pillow can also be used by the mom while breastfeeding, as it helps prop up the infant.

9. Nightlights

A nightlight style= is a creative gift for parents of newborns as it makes a useful addition to the nursery. The soft light is reassuring to the baby and helps make the baby feel safer at night. There are various types of night lights that you can select from, and they come with fun themes and decorations suitable for both boys and girls.

10. Personalized Baby Gifts

Many gift stores sell personalized gift items and you can commission one to be made exclusively for the newborn. A customized gift tends to be more thoughtful and special. You can personalize baby cups, blankets, frames, and other types of gifts by scripting the baby’s name on the gift.


To learn more about personalized baby gifts, watch the video below:

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